Trailer-Hire Johannesburg South Africa

Trailer hire in Johannesburg at affordable prices from Troopie Self Storage and get quality, fast, effective and friendly trailer hire service.

Troopie Self Storage trailers for hire are available in Johannesburg and can be collected at our premises. Contact us for more information or pay us a visit at  Troopie Self Storage premises.

How can Troopie Self Storage Trailer hire can help you:

The size of trailers is ideal for recreational, home or on road travel. They can be used for:

Moving garden waste in and around Gauteng, unwanted rubble, transporting of off road motorbikes, and trial motorbikes eg, and transporting go-karts

Troopie Self Storage trailers can also be used to help you move house around Gauteng, or large items.

With Troopie Trailer Hire moving things is made easier and cheaper.

Cars / vehicles that will connect to the trailer will need to have a towing hitch with working electrical point where the trailer connects. The car will need to be strong enough to tow whatever weight is added. The Venter/Troopie hire trailer has a strong body, but take care to keep to the weight parameters on the Troopie Self Storage trailers.

Tips when towing a trailer from Troopie Self Storage Trailer Hire in Johannesburg:

Remember that the trailer increases the size of the vehicle, increasing the time needed to check lanes before moving. Ensure that you indicate well in advance to other traffic when changing lanes.

Trailers will increase the use of fuel. To conserve fuel, drive at moderate speeds to reduce wind friction. Driving a trailer in Gauteng / Johannesburg might incur stops and starts, with plenty of hills. Use the lower gears of the vehicle to reduce stress on the vehicle engine, thereby reducing fuel usage to keep a constant speed.

Make sure the trailer hitch is securely in place on the tow ball. Check that all the trailer lights work correctly once the electrical connection of the trailer has been secured to the vehicle.

Use the correct weights in the trailer to prevent strain on the chassis.Tongue weight refers to the weight on the trailers towing hitch. Keep the tongue weight around 10% of the total trailer weight to prevent too much movement or strain on the towing hitch. Too much weight makes steering a lot more difficult. Keep weight balanced as far as possible on the trailer, in other words, dont put the bulk of the weight on the front or the back end only.

Reversing a trailer can be tricky, as a rule of thumb, when the trailer turns in the rear view mirror, your hands on the steering wheel should go in the same direction to straighten is out.

How do I brake safely when towing a trailer?

Braking needs to be well in advance, slow and steady.


Trailer Hire Johannesburg


- 3m caged trailers suitable for furniture removal
- Luggage/Venter trailer
- 5m car transporter


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Troopie Trailer Hire Johannesburg also provides a number of truck
sizes which we load and drive to help
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