Self storage - a strategic business solution

Very few businesses have all the space they need. As your business grows, space will quickly become a serious concern. If you find yourself short on space, self storage is a simple and effective solution.

A good indication for business owners that it is time to find additional space, such as self storage, is that more than 10 percent of their working space is being used for storage. From this point, things can very quickly snowball until your office or shop floor begins to resemble a storeroom.

When you decide to rent storage space, you should start by looking at how much you will need in the near future, rather than just what you have. Once you have ascertained your storage requirements, you can strategically select the perfect unit to fit your requirements. Self storage is an advantage here with different categories of storage are available, including secure units of different sizes.

Packing your storage space unit efficiently is particulary important if you are to make the best use of it. One major practical consideration is to make sure you use different types of packaging suited to the different items and that items are stacked for easy access and retrieval. Documents are more efficiently and safely stored in light-box type packaging, while furniture requires packaging that keep it dry and moth-free. Of-course it is wiser to place items that you will need frequent access to at the front of the storage unit.

Keeping your self storage costs down is always an important consideration. Self storage costs need not necessarily increase your overheads and can help improve your bottom line. This is because separating items that are not in active use, or which are overstocked, allows you to maximise the use of your floor space and thus your productivity.

Having an inventory list detailing all the items you have stored in the storage space is also important. Keeping a track of stored and retrieved items saves on time and makes sure you always know where everything is. An added path to efficient storage is using a detailed label system to locate items and avoid confusion and misplacement.

Secure and monitored storage facilities, a wide variety of shapes and sizes of units to suit individual space needs, and cost effectiveness make self storage the ideal solution for business low on space. Contact Troopie Self Storage and Trailer Hire for professional service and high quality facilities.

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